Ours is not a grown-up apartment but I will not have it any other way. We don’t have framed family portraits and store-bought floral prints on our walls. We don’t  have a couch for  entertaining. Our bathroom has  my cross-stitched project that says KEEP CALM & CARRY ON because I think it’s funny and well, inspirational for bathroom adventures.

Here and there you will find handmade pieces and things my boyfriend and I deem worthy of collecting. Several old cameras. Teapots. Small jars from travels past. Hats of many styles. Action toy figures. Paintings. Whimsical images  in black frames.

And masks.

The new addition is this beauty that my boyfriend made. Yes, he can be crafty, too. It’s wonderful, scary, and weird. Definitely our taste.




He will be adding new posters beside the mask in the coming weeks. Yes, the posters will be of scary and morbid content. Artfully done, of course.