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i always come back to you

There are things that give you that sense of balance even after you have neglected them to run around the world, climb every obstacle you can find, and pretend to be someone else. For some, these things may include dark chocolate, coffee with friends, sorting the laundry, or playing with their kids.

For me, it’s sewing (oh wow, how surprising!). After days or weeks of working until my brain is fried or doing absolutely nothing until the feeling of inadequacy wears me down, sewing makes my brain clear and fresh again. In an endless cycle of sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, writing 250-word articles, showering, sleeping, eating, etc. etc. etc., I can easily lose myself. But sewing gives me myself back.

afternoon tea

And when you add rainy afternoon and tea to the equation… well, let’s just say some part of our chaotic world is experiencing a rare moment  of perfection.

How about you? What things give you that sense of balance?


making a little bag factory

I have just finished sewing the big totes for Kaith. However, I have no time to rest because I have more bags to make for my sister’s workmates.

This is the bag that my sister stole and shamelessly pimped at her office, contributing to the onslaught of orders. 

IMG_5030-1.jpg picture by miwiyam

And this one was shipped off to my mother. I also sent her the “Sunny Side Up – Rice Field” bag. The feedback that I got was, Thanks for the bags. They match my Monday and Tuesday uniforms. (She’s a university professor and that statement was an oh-so-subtle attempt to force me to make her bags that would match her Wednesday and Thursday uniforms. Fridays are washdays.)

IMG_5038.jpg picture by miwiyam

And this brown one I made for me, initially. But it turned out too cute that I don’t want to make it dirty. It’s made of this beautiful Japanese linen with prints of cats and washed-out city buildings. I cut the fabric in a way that would take advantage of the prints’ horizontal pattern. I even used my favorite glossy and thick brown fabric for the lining.  This one will have to find a new home soon or it will become another dust magnet in my room.

IMG_5178.jpg picture by miwiyam