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foot-teeth relations

There have been many search engine queries on “what side of the zipper foot to use” that have led right to my blog.

Today, I thought about giving those lovely people an answer.

zipper foot 3

The side to use depends on where the zipper teeth will be. As shown in the photos below:

zipper foot 1

If the teeth are on the left side, attach the left side of the foot to the machine.

zipper foot 2

If the teeth are on the right side, the right side of the zipper foot should be attached to the machine.


how to attach zipper (bag with lining)

Lorelai and I have been very busy lately, making itty bitty things.

We made wristlets two nights ago and here is a tutorial. I’ll probably make more. I’ll give some to my Mom who asked me months ago to make her and her friends cosmetic bags. I’ll sell some in here, too.

IMG_4980.jpg picture by miwiyam

1. Materials.

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