This is an ever-increasing list of things that you can make on rainy days. You can also make them on days when you just don’t want to think about work, world hunger, or life in general. If you have questions about the instructions, you may contact me. Happy crafting!

How to sew a cicular skirt

How to make bobbie pins earrings

How to sew a drawstring halter dress with an a-line bottom

How to sew a sleeveless blouse with piping

How to make a god’s eye

How to make fried peanut butter and banana sandwich

How to make an artist’s paintbrush roll

How to turn jeans into a short skirt

How to gather fabric

How to make a small guitar bag

How to make a yoga mat bag

How to make a dress form

How to make a stuffed felt letter

How to make a fabric rosette