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will soon be labeled


In the words of Rachel Zoe, I DIE.

It might take Optimus Prime to stop me from putting labels on everything in sight. I am deathly scared of giant robots that make mechanical sounds and have deep voices.

I ordered 600 from World Wide Label. Their Etsy page is HERE.


foot-teeth relations

There have been many search engine queries on “what side of the zipper foot to use” that have led right to my blog.

Today, I thought about giving those lovely people an answer.

zipper foot 3

The side to use depends on where the zipper teeth will be. As shown in the photos below:

zipper foot 1

If the teeth are on the left side, attach the left side of the foot to the machine.

zipper foot 2

If the teeth are on the right side, the right side of the zipper foot should be attached to the machine.

my first halloween craft

I am not a big fan of Halloween. Halloween means giant spiders displayed in the malls and hanging from restaurant walls. NOT MY IDEA OF HAPPY SHOPPING OR DINING.

But I am a big fan of Studio Ghibli and I thought about making dust bunnies or soot sprites for the coming holiday. For those who are not Miyazaki fans, dust bunnies are cute little creatures that live in abandoned houses. They cover everything with soot.

Here is the part of the movie where Mei meets and “catches” a dust bunny in their attic:

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serged, at last!

Dear Jocelyn Navarro,

How’ve you been? It’s been 10 years since we’ve graduated from high school. I looked for you on Facebook but I have to admit that it took a few not-so-subtle inquiries from high school friends to juggle your name out of the cobwebbed corner of my memories; the littlest corner containing memories of leather mary jane shoes and white socks, mismatching the color of my skirt to the ribbon of our uniform on Wednesdays, and developing a mild case of neuroticism.

I feel like the biggest jerk, I really do. But you see, you have not crossed my mind until a week ago. A week ago, I found a serger sewing machine on eBay and memories of you commanding the huge serger machine during sewing class in high school came back.


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the you-know-what hit the fan because of these trinkets

But good soup can always fix a day that started with exasperating phone calls, a forgotten package, slammed doors, and hormones gone awry.

These were in the package:

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circle skirt tutorial addendum

For those who asked, this is how you do step 4 of the Circle Skirt Tutorial.

a. Fold the fabric.


b. Trace points with the end of your tape measure serving as anchor. Do it until you reach the other side.dsc_68581


c. Draw a curve.


And you have your waistline! Yes, this is circular but since it will be on the bias, you will be able to sew it to the waistband or the top part of the dress with no problems.

Do the same for drawing the hem, using the corner as reference point.

oh, the infiniteness of it all!

The boyfriend and I have been together for close to 3 years but we have not really established couple-y routines. We don’t have karaoke Tuesdays or ping pong Fridays or things like that.

What we do have, however, is this unofficial agreement to check the thrift clothing stalls downtown whenever we have a free Sunday.

A couple of Sundays ago, I scored a gypsy skirt that I made into this dress.

Yesterday, we found ourselves bored in our little apartment and craving for the food at this restaurant downtown. So off we went in search for great lunch. Personally, I was hoping that I’d find more gypsy skirts.

Since the creative people at Craftster pointed out that my gypsy skirt-dress looked like the Infinity Dress, I have actually found more ways to wear it.


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