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what i bought; where we went

davao purchases

holly golightly printed tank top :: tiny keepsakes teapot :: muslim necklace :: ceramic lamp

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Sea wall (under construction) :: Mandarin Tea House :: People

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Sea wall (under construction) :: Mandarin Tea House :: People's Park :: Corner of Ateneo facing Marco Polo Hotel

I have decided to buy teapots from places where I travel. It doesn’t matter if I can buy the same teapots from the malls in my own city. It’s the story behind the teapot that counts.

It’s the story behind everything that matters.


hourly photo – davao edition

A weekend spent laughing with friends about horribly-made Tagalog horror movies, discovering almond vanilla ice cream, and witnessing a special day in a friend’s life.

Day I

waiting for friends at the mactan international airport

waiting for friends at the mactan international airport

teeny tiny little plane

teeny tiny little plane

davao international airport

davao international airport



wedding ceremony (groom only; bride not allowed inside)

wedding ceremony (groom only; bride not allowed inside)

after the ceremony (bride is now introduced to the crowd)

after the ceremony (bride is now introduced to the crowd)

satchmo's time to shine

satchmo's time to shine

why, hello there, david

why, hello there, david



riding at the back of a truck through chinatown

riding at the back of a truck through chinatown

*Chunks of time with no photographs were spent sleeping.

scraplink saturday

I’m off the radar today as I am on my way to Davao City for  a wedding of a friend. Assuming that the plane took off and that the cyclone has decided to head another way.

And I thought it’s a great plan to have a scraplink for someone I know whose wanderlust is as strong as Cebu Pacific’s goal to make travelling more accessible to everyone.



By the time this post is published, Vet, Line, Ley, and I will already be in Davao. We are here to attend the wedding of  a good friend we have not seen in ages.

By the time  this post is published, Vet is giving in to her wanderlust and I am giving in with her.

Enjoy her travels! I will be back on Monday  with photos.


All the world’s a pin cushion, and all the men and women merely disasters waiting to happen.

When I was in high school, I used to cross stitch while watching TV with my mom. There were only the two of us since my sister was already away at college and dad worked out of town for 4 nights a week. My mom would always remind me not to use a corner of the couch as pin cushion as I might actually forget that I stuck a needle in there one day. I just nodded but continued doing it anyway. I reasoned that cross-stitching needles are blunt and I am not forgetful.

Boy, was I wrong.

One night, I saw my mom cleaning a fairly large scratch on her left thigh. You would think that the right combination of blood and guilt would make me learn my lesson.

I stopped cross stitching  in the living room, yes, but the lesson does not seem to be a long-term one. I still have this habit of leaving sharp things where people can accidentally have an encounter with them.

floor 1

floor 2

It’s a disease, perhaps? I should probably take care of those now instead of blogging.

i always come back to you

There are things that give you that sense of balance even after you have neglected them to run around the world, climb every obstacle you can find, and pretend to be someone else. For some, these things may include dark chocolate, coffee with friends, sorting the laundry, or playing with their kids.

For me, it’s sewing (oh wow, how surprising!). After days or weeks of working until my brain is fried or doing absolutely nothing until the feeling of inadequacy wears me down, sewing makes my brain clear and fresh again. In an endless cycle of sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, writing 250-word articles, showering, sleeping, eating, etc. etc. etc., I can easily lose myself. But sewing gives me myself back.

afternoon tea

And when you add rainy afternoon and tea to the equation… well, let’s just say some part of our chaotic world is experiencing a rare moment  of perfection.

How about you? What things give you that sense of balance?

we are social anomalies

Last night was the Visayas leg of the Philippine Blog Awards. It has been a very long time since I got dolled up for an evening socials, so we went.

Two hours before the event, I still had no idea what to wear. The invite stated “Come as you are” but the people who I knew were going were getting a tad too frazzled about what to wear. It’s contagious, apparently.

Two hours before the event, inspiration hit. Nothing creative, really. It was just a matter of cutting 10 inches from the hem of an old thrifted button-down dress to give it a more modern look.

Add black accessories and yellow wedges, I was ready for the awards show.

black shirt dress

Shirt dress - eBay :: Belt - SM :: Necklace - eBay :: Bracelet - Some vendor in Baguio :: Wedges - eBay :: Earrings - eBay

Congrats to the winners! The food was yummy, by the way.

I think that dress cost me only P10. Excuse me while I pat myself on the back for being such a good bargain-hunter.

we like masks, evidently

Ours is not a grown-up apartment but I will not have it any other way. We don’t have framed family portraits and store-bought floral prints on our walls. We don’t  have a couch for  entertaining. Our bathroom has  my cross-stitched project that says KEEP CALM & CARRY ON because I think it’s funny and well, inspirational for bathroom adventures.

Here and there you will find handmade pieces and things my boyfriend and I deem worthy of collecting. Several old cameras. Teapots. Small jars from travels past. Hats of many styles. Action toy figures. Paintings. Whimsical images  in black frames.

And masks.

The new addition is this beauty that my boyfriend made. Yes, he can be crafty, too. It’s wonderful, scary, and weird. Definitely our taste.




He will be adding new posters beside the mask in the coming weeks. Yes, the posters will be of scary and morbid content. Artfully done, of course.