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it's november, yay!

handmadholidays03_buttonNovember means only one thing in the crafting world: The Annual Sew, Mama, Sew Handmade Holidays.

Every year, the wonderful gals at Sew, Mama, Sew gather tutorials from all corners of the interwebs to give us an easy directory of handmade ideas for the coming holidays. But not only will you be able to catch many great tutorials for gift ideas, you also have chances to win fabulous gifts! Check out Sew, Mama, Sew now.


i always come back to you

There are things that give you that sense of balance even after you have neglected them to run around the world, climb every obstacle you can find, and pretend to be someone else. For some, these things may include dark chocolate, coffee with friends, sorting the laundry, or playing with their kids.

For me, it’s sewing (oh wow, how surprising!). After days or weeks of working until my brain is fried or doing absolutely nothing until the feeling of inadequacy wears me down, sewing makes my brain clear and fresh again. In an endless cycle of sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, writing 250-word articles, showering, sleeping, eating, etc. etc. etc., I can easily lose myself. But sewing gives me myself back.

afternoon tea

And when you add rainy afternoon and tea to the equation… well, let’s just say some part of our chaotic world is experiencing a rare moment  of perfection.

How about you? What things give you that sense of balance?

we like masks, evidently

Ours is not a grown-up apartment but I will not have it any other way. We don’t have framed family portraits and store-bought floral prints on our walls. We don’t  have a couch for  entertaining. Our bathroom has  my cross-stitched project that says KEEP CALM & CARRY ON because I think it’s funny and well, inspirational for bathroom adventures.

Here and there you will find handmade pieces and things my boyfriend and I deem worthy of collecting. Several old cameras. Teapots. Small jars from travels past. Hats of many styles. Action toy figures. Paintings. Whimsical images  in black frames.

And masks.

The new addition is this beauty that my boyfriend made. Yes, he can be crafty, too. It’s wonderful, scary, and weird. Definitely our taste.




He will be adding new posters beside the mask in the coming weeks. Yes, the posters will be of scary and morbid content. Artfully done, of course.

whew! what a week!

I spent Sunday to Wednesday cooking. I learned more about cooking in those 4 days than I did since I was old enough to know how to sautee.

It was pressure cooking (not the cooking method but the stress involved) and it left me just a tad too frazzled to blog. But it’s Friday now and I feel like posting something.

I’ll start with this tag that Krissy threw my way. Here are the rules:

1. Open your first photo folder.
2. Scroll down to the 10th photo.
3. Post that photo and story on your blog.
4. Tag five {or more} friends to do the same.

My first photo folder is called “fashiony stuff.” I know, pretty creative. And the tenth photo is this:


This is a thrifted blazer I got several years ago. It was only P150 (around $3). I know it’s crumpled here but it’s divine. I was still rocking my former weight when I bought this. It fit me perfectly then. Thankfully, at around the time my body started acting funny and I started losing weight, the oversized boyfriend blazer trend was all over the place.

Isn’t the laced yoke lovely? It is one of my fervent dreams to sew a blazer with a yoke just as beautiful.

And now I tag the following people to do this picture tag:

1. Tonet & Carlo – Father and son bloggers who fly planes. Their blog is my new addiction.

2. Sam – She is the boyfriend’s former classmate and she writes beautifully. I tag her because I know she’d have a great photo to show.

3. MsVeve – She is a fashion blogger who has tattoos I envy. Seriously, I want her tattoos. Her clothes, too, of course.

4. Iris – Because I want to ogle at what is possibly a result of her love affair with her new camera. Let’s hope the first folder contains her new photos.

5. J.Me – It’s fun to take a peek into this lovely lady’s life. Cannot wait to see what photo she posts.

scraplink saturday

When I first started working, I met a group of people who found their element when there were plates of food in front of them. Payday always meant dinner at a local resto or cafe that offers food that has never graced our palate. The person who never missed any of the culinary adventures was Line. And she has a food blog!


Line facts:

1. She eats and eats but never gains weight. I am jealous.

2. She loves purple.

3. She hates photos of her. Which means that she will hate me for this scraplink.  But I am hoping that the purple background will make her forgive me.

4. She has food for everyone. During meetings, we always turned to her for snacks. I’m sure the team leaders still do that.

5. She did not lose her patience when Leylan and I suggested the silliest names for her blog.

today, i stared government corruption right in the eyes

It leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

I could rant and rail at the cosmos about what happened today but I’d rather focus on the good things.

Kittens. Lip gloss. Afternoon naps. Cheap books.

Speaking of cheap books, I was at The Booksale a few days  ago and found this:

sears cover

Read more…



I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.
I feel my fate in what I cannot fear.
I learn by going where I have to go.