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How to Sew a Zipper (messenger bags, simples totes)

When sewning a bag, there are parts that I really find tedious. Cutting the fabric is one. I used to hate sewing zippers, too, but I discovered the magic that is the zipper foot. This tutorial is on sewing a zipper to a messenger bag or tote. This is the kind of zipper that is set an inch from the top of the bag, in the lining. I don’t know what the proper term is so let’s just get on with it.

For this zipper part, you will need:

Two pieces of fabric that are 2 inches shorter than the top of your bag. The width of each fabric should be half the width of your bag. One long side and the two ends should have enough allowance for folding. Let's call these parts A1 and A2.

Read the rest of the tutorial HERE.


and the fairies wished for my laptop a

…laptop sleeve made of Fairy Tiptoes fabric!

I knew I had a reason for buying three meters of the fabric. At the time I bought it, I was unabashedly hoarding. The fabric is just too pretty and it was a sin not to stock up. Armageddon might happen and I need pretty fabrics to get me through it.

It turns out that the fabric is perfect for a little laptop sleeve as well. I’ve been wondering what foam to use for a laptop sleeve for so long now. We don’t have batting here because people in my country never use quilts. Using quilts in a tropical country is just plain crazy. Thankfully, my laptop came with a free sleeve cover. It was just a black thing in neoprene foam. It was too boring. So I used the foam as batting and made me a fairy tiptoes laptop sleeve.

lappysleeve1.jpg picture by miwiyam

free black sleeve as interfacing

lappysleeve2.jpg picture by miwiyam

white magic tape for closure

lappysleevefinal2.jpg picture by miwiyam

FRONT. I love those birds.

lappysleevefinal3.jpg picture by miwiyam

BACK. love the bugs and the fairy, too.

snug fit

lappysleevefinal.jpg picture by miwiyam

just perfect

Hmmm what else can I make using this fabric? The possibilities are endless! I might start with a protective gear fit for an Armageddon.

summer in santorini

This is a new bag design that will be included in my next shop update. Yes, I am still in love with my Amy Butler fabrics.

This design is called Summer in Santorini. I did not expect this design to turn out as okay as it did. I was actually pleasantly surprised when I turned the bag inside out to sew the final touches. The bags in this series make me want to don a white cotton dress and dark sunglasses and traipse around a town with whitewashed houses. Hence, the name.


hi again

We’re back in Cebu. I missed speaking in our own dialect.

Anyway, I still have a lot of pictures, laundry, bills, and orders to sort out so I leave you for now with these photos of stuff my boyfriend printed for me for Christmas. I got a bag and 2 shirts with Thimblecap Girl printed on them. So cool.

HAPPY 2009!

my new travelmate

I will spend the last week of December and the first day of the new year gallivanting with Uzi and some of our friends around Luzon. We will check historical landmarks and shop for cheap finds (craft supplies, in my case) in Manila, gawk at the rice terraces in Banaue, and take in the sights of Baguio.

I’ve spent the last several weeks looking for a bag that I can take with me. Knowing the “industry” I’m in, one would assume that I shouldn’t have bothered looking for bags since I can easily make one. Very true but I wanted one that was made with leather and had a hobo-jordy look. I wanted a girly but sturdy bag. Unfortunately, my Lorelai can’t tackle leather. So off to the stores (vintage, malls, online) I went.

But a burst of frantic sketching yesterday afternoon led to a perfect design. I cut and sewed the bag (using the Robert Allen fabric I bought recently) in a little less than 4 hours. It turned out to be a cross between a diaper bag, a messenger bag, and a hobo bag. I might just call this mutt bag.

hobojordy1.jpg picture by miwiyam


It’s large enough to fit a cardigan, other traveling essentials, and some items I might buy while sightseeing. The front pleated part is a huge pocket for my tissue, hand sanitizer, and sunglasses. There is also a zipped pocket at the back for valuable items, such as keys, mobile phone, and cash. There are more pockets inside the bag, attached to the lining. I guess this is more like a kangaroo mutt bag.

hobojordy.jpg picture by miwiyam


My favorite part is the 3.5-inch strap that is incredibly nice on my shoulder. It’s not painful and it’s cute to look at, too.

hobojordy2.jpg picture by miwiyam


mobile tindahan

When ABS-CBN’s MagTV featured me several weeks ago on their program, they asked me if I can participate in their Christmas charity drive this season. I said yes and offered to make several pouches for them.

purses1copy.jpg picture by miwiyam

 purses2copy.jpg picture by miwiyam

purses3copy.jpg picture by miwiyam

Their mobile tindahan (store) will also sell products by other entrepreneurs that have been featured on MagTV this year. If you happen to catch their multicab around the city, please take a look at the products and purchase something. Proceeds of this venture will go to three recipients that have been pre-chosen by ABS-CBN. I have read their profiles and they really need all the help they can get.

And if you can’t help through the mobile tindahan, reach out to any person who needs your help today.

lost bag

missing_Page_0.jpg picture by miwiyam


Because I can be a total dunderhead, I left this guitar bag in the cab yesterday. In my defense, I was carrying a lot of things. Big thanks to Uzi for keeping his cool when all I wanted to do was sit in some corner in the mall and cry. Big thanks to fate, too, for making an old friend walk by right where I was standing. Chatting with her definitely made me forget about the missing bag.

Missing merchandise aside, it was a wonderful Sunday. I got to meet four wonderful buyers. They were really nice and they all loved my items. Yay.