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these boots were made for posing

The Boy is addicted to shoe-shopping, it’s scary. In a few years, he will likely be buying shoes he won’t ever wear, much like a teacher he used to have. In a few years, our shoe racks will likely rival our bookshelves.

The only way to deal with the situation is to buy shoes myself.

Okay, I don’t know how that helps. All I know is that it eases the jealousy I feel when I see The Boy parading around the apartment in his new shoes. So yeah, in a  way, it helps.

Unlike him, however, I don’t buy ridiculously expensive pairs. After all, I am bored and thrifty; cheap yet chic is my game.

My latest acquisition is this pair of brown ankle boots. I am wearing them here with a dress (thrifted, too) that I will be wearing at a wedding next weekend. I could wear the boots, too, but 3-inch heels + 4-hour event in which I will be taking photos = poor feet.

boots 1

If I wear the boots, I will look like this after a few hours:

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i always come back to you

There are things that give you that sense of balance even after you have neglected them to run around the world, climb every obstacle you can find, and pretend to be someone else. For some, these things may include dark chocolate, coffee with friends, sorting the laundry, or playing with their kids.

For me, it’s sewing (oh wow, how surprising!). After days or weeks of working until my brain is fried or doing absolutely nothing until the feeling of inadequacy wears me down, sewing makes my brain clear and fresh again. In an endless cycle of sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, writing 250-word articles, showering, sleeping, eating, etc. etc. etc., I can easily lose myself. But sewing gives me myself back.

afternoon tea

And when you add rainy afternoon and tea to the equation… well, let’s just say some part of our chaotic world is experiencing a rare moment  of perfection.

How about you? What things give you that sense of balance?

we like masks, evidently

Ours is not a grown-up apartment but I will not have it any other way. We don’t have framed family portraits and store-bought floral prints on our walls. We don’t  have a couch for  entertaining. Our bathroom has  my cross-stitched project that says KEEP CALM & CARRY ON because I think it’s funny and well, inspirational for bathroom adventures.

Here and there you will find handmade pieces and things my boyfriend and I deem worthy of collecting. Several old cameras. Teapots. Small jars from travels past. Hats of many styles. Action toy figures. Paintings. Whimsical images  in black frames.

And masks.

The new addition is this beauty that my boyfriend made. Yes, he can be crafty, too. It’s wonderful, scary, and weird. Definitely our taste.




He will be adding new posters beside the mask in the coming weeks. Yes, the posters will be of scary and morbid content. Artfully done, of course.

things we believe in

Our door is a study in horror vacui.


That is the back of the door and not the side facing the hallway of the apartment building, FYI. I know hanging all four is a bit too much but I think they represent the things we believe in.


We believe in the sun, the moon, and the faceless gods that keep us safe.

And disco. Yes, we believe in disco.


my first halloween craft

I am not a big fan of Halloween. Halloween means giant spiders displayed in the malls and hanging from restaurant walls. NOT MY IDEA OF HAPPY SHOPPING OR DINING.

But I am a big fan of Studio Ghibli and I thought about making dust bunnies or soot sprites for the coming holiday. For those who are not Miyazaki fans, dust bunnies are cute little creatures that live in abandoned houses. They cover everything with soot.

Here is the part of the movie where Mei meets and “catches” a dust bunny in their attic:

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hype! hype!

Seeing that I love to sew and that I have a fabric collection that defies any attempt of organization, you would think that the windows of the bedroom/craft area of our little apartment would have curtains. They don’t. It’s not that I don’t want to make curtains. I do, I really do. But the nails that are supposed to support a standard curtain rod are misaligned. And it’s not like I can remedy  this since the window frames are made of concrete. Yep, concrete.

So what I had in mind was fashion a “curtain rod” that can take advantage of the nails’ positions. I thought I’d use these frames (I have two) for some sort of a drape-y effect.

baroque "frame" against my collection of Dean Koontz books. i love Dean. some days, i imagine being married to him.

I ended up making this instead:

I know it’s not anything related to curtains. I can’t really explain when the crafty route changed that I came up with this mobile instead.

I believe it’s a little tribute to my vow to give in more to my wanderlust. You know, just something whimsical; something that will gather dust but still remain pretty. Something to add to our shelves of curiousities.

[I am now a finalist to the Philippine Blog Awards (woohoo!). I have no idea what this entails, though. A friend is telling me that I probably will be attending the awards night in Manila. That seems logical but I have not received any instruction from the organizers. Still, woohoo!]

back and focused

Remember when you were four and your most treasured possessions were your kitchen set and a ratty rabbit stuffed toy? When you spent your mornings concocting your idea of gourmet meals out of your mother’s plants and your afternoons protesting being sent to bed for a nap. Working from home is a lot like being four. No meetings, no coffee breaks, no dress code. No stressors except things I know I can handle if I just move my ass.

But I am no longer four and I discovered boredom when I was ten or so. Hence, a little getaway was needed to keep me sane. Off we went to Bantayan Island.

Two seconds into the room, we were greeted by two huge spiders. Normally, I would flip and transfer to a hotel farthest from that particular place. But I didn’t because I did not want to start a supposedly-relaxing weekend by getting all worked up over creatures that my four-year old self would have found interesting.


Arachnids and insects aside, the weekend was well-spent. Highlights were carefree beach fun, an incomparable Spanish omelet, an interesting restaurant owner, seeing a white cow up close, swaying to some French jazz music, aimless walks along strange streets, and watching a kid feed the fish at the pier.


Although I get incredibly frazzled and temperamental after returning from a vacation due to feeling that I have  been cheated, I am itching to go on one again soon.

Because on the way back to the city, I vowed to chase after a charmed life. And a charmed life, in my opinion, is a life filled to the brim with wanderlust.