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I’ve moved to

I’ll see you there!


new beginning

It’s been almost a month, huh? So these are the things I did while I took a blogging break:

1. Quit my job

2. Turned 26

3. Found a new apartment

4. Went to the beach

5. Had a run-in with the local justice system (nothing terrible though)

6. Had dinner with high school friends

7. Grieved the death of an Uncle

8. Found another way to make money, of course

9. Discovered Facebook

10. Bought a domain and made this: BORED & CRAFTY

I’ll see you guys there!



I had some trouble with Photobucket. So I just decided to be proactive by buying me a site host and domain. I have finagled my boyfriend and some of my friends into helping me with the layout and other techie stuff. Hopefully, the site will be up and running by May. See you guys then!

happy easter!

Happy Easter!

Been sewing and practicing Photoshop.

6 UNIMPORTANT things that make me happy

Achinette, my former manager and current GMail “pen pal” tagged me. Now I have to list 6 unimportant things that make me happy. Rules of the tag are:

1. Mention the person who nominated you.
2. List 6 unimportant things that make you happy.
3. Tag 6 blogs, state the rules, and notify them with a teeny comment on their blog.

All right, here goes mine…

1) My new size 0 self. I have gone past my initial disgust of my smaller frame and moved on to complete happiness. I know I can stand to gain a few more pounds but I am absolutely delighted with my weight now. It doesn’t even matter that Uzi’s 8-year old niece can wear one of my skinny jeans as if they were her own.

pegged jeans and an absolutely amazing painting by the boyfriend. hope you're not disgusted by it. it's amazingly excuted.

2) Totoro toys, books, memorabilia. I have a 3-feet tall Totoro stuffed toy, 2 CatbusĀ  stuffed tissue holders, Totoro graphic novels (1&2), 1 small Chu Totoro stuffed toy, and a Totoro sculpture that Uzi made for me. And I will have a Totoro-themed wedding. Hahaha.

3) Celebrity gossip. This is my absolute vice. I check celebrity gossip blogs every day. EVERY DAY. I don’t know why. Yes, you can judge me. I can take it.

4) Teapots. They are nothing but dust-gatherers and space-hoggers but I cannot stop buying them. In fact, I made a deal with myself to stop buying anything cute or pretty EXCEPT fabrics and teapots. If most vintage sellers on Etsy ship breakables to the Philippines, I’d be buying antique teapots every week.

a desk teapot with shelves. could anything be more perfect?

5) Home organizing stuff. When do drawers, racks, and shelves become unimportant? When they become the source of clutter. I love shopping for home organizing materials because I always have this notion that I must organize the apartment better. Unfortunately, they have done nothing but add to the mess. Of course, that is not stopping me from buying more.

6) School and office supplies. I have no use for a gazillion paper clips, tacks, staplers, glue, and specialty paper but I just want to have them all. This probably stems from the fact that the best of part of the school year when I was still studying was shopping for notebooks.

*I did not include any craft-related things because they are all important.

I’m tagging Line, Vet, Kristel, Chichi, Cass, and Payal.

How to Sew a Zipper (messenger bags, simples totes)

When sewning a bag, there are parts that I really find tedious. Cutting the fabric is one. I used to hate sewing zippers, too, but I discovered the magic that is the zipper foot. This tutorial is on sewing a zipper to a messenger bag or tote. This is the kind of zipper that is set an inch from the top of the bag, in the lining. I don’t know what the proper term is so let’s just get on with it.

For this zipper part, you will need:

Two pieces of fabric that are 2 inches shorter than the top of your bag. The width of each fabric should be half the width of your bag. One long side and the two ends should have enough allowance for folding. Let's call these parts A1 and A2.

Read the rest of the tutorial HERE.

mini book of luuurve

For our anniversary, I got Uzi and me matching mini-books with a few of our nicest and sweetest photos.

giant hand? tiny book!

at ninoy aquino international airport last january 1

southpark couple

fastened and attached to my bag

The mini-books were made by a crafty friend. They are very cute. They are leather-bound and the printing is amazing. And the best part is Uzi loves his.