At some point in a woman’s  life, she will realize that the cosmetics industry truly has a purpose and that the combination of lace and ribbon will not always give you prom dress circa 1999 images.

Uh, okay. Maybe that’s just me.

At some point in this “working from home” adventure, I realized that the time for big bags is over. Gone are the days of lugging around a shoulder bag big enough to fit my 5-foot and 80 plus-lb self. What I needed was a small bag for only the essentials (wallet, lip balm, tissue, face powder, notepad, ballpen, mobile phone, keys, mascara, hand sanitizer) when I need to go to the mall or check out thrifting spots.

I had this Mudd bag lying around and I used it for several weeks. Yes, I know it’s for kids and yes I felt less of a woman when I carried it around.


If you take note of the height and weight I mentioned above, you would understand when I say that I have been  trying to avoid wearing or using things that make me look younger than I really am. They say that there is a time limit to looking underage but I have yet to reach it.

So I made myself a grown-up everyday bag.


clutch2Ribbon metallic with black lace. Prom dress circa 1999, like I said. But the corduroy fabric and black webbing strap give it a bit of a masculine air. The metal hardware pulls down it’s girly appearance a notch as well. The same metal hardware makes the bag ideal not only for everyday use but also for formal events. I can shorten the strap if I want a shoulder bag and when I remove it, I got myself a clutch! And what could be better than removing all hassles of transferring all your stuff from one bag to another when your day involves errands during the day and a snazzy affair come nightfall?


Should have been serious because of the flapper dress but a certain someone was acting silly. Yes, that would be the boyfriend.


Off to the mall