It leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

I could rant and rail at the cosmos about what happened today but I’d rather focus on the good things.

Kittens. Lip gloss. Afternoon naps. Cheap books.

Speaking of cheap books, I was at The Booksale a few days  ago and found this:

sears cover

I’ve been eying this book but it was P140 before. I waited for a Sale and got this for P90. Woot!  And yes, this book is full of all Mad Men goodness you can imagine. Fashion-wise, that is.

sears 11

Why hello there, Mrs. Betty Draper.

sears 13

That is how you do sailor.

sears 7

More dresses Betty Draper would approve.

sears 12

Fabulous airport fashion

sears 14

Sex and the City (Baby Boomers Version) - Charlotte, Samantha, Miranda, Carrie

sears 10

Pool princess. With the appropriate pool cap, of course.

sears 9

Junior swimwear

sears 8

Hats for a well-dressed woman.

sears 2

Didn't I see sandals like these at the mall yesterday?

sears 3

I'll have a pair each, thank you. US size 5.

sears 1

Cute, right?

I apologize for the photo-obese post. Obviously, I am very much in love with the book. In fact, I already have a few ideas in mind for my next dresses, based on the designs in this book.

And last photo, I swear, because this is just too funny not to post.

Sleepshirts for men! With matching hat, too!

sears 5