My little corner of the Pacific Ocean experienced the wrath of Mother Nature a week ago. My city escaped with nothing but manageable rain and wind but a month’s worth of rain fell on Metro Manila in a span of 6 hours.

I cry easily so please forgive me if I don’t type the harrowing details here. You may check this website for more info on what happened, though.

Lives were lost. Help is needed.

For more information on lending a hand, please check Philippine National Red Cross. PayPal donations are accepted.


The boyfriend and I attended the Live Aid concert last night at The Outpost to extend a bit of help. I’ve never seen the place so full on a Wednesday. We had to wait almost an hour for a table. Many people donated what they can for the victims. The aim of the concert was to fill 2 container vans with relief goods and I’m certain the organizers were successful.

In a craft-related note, I bought these from this handmade goodies vendor outside the bar: