I am not a big fan of Halloween. Halloween means giant spiders displayed in the malls and hanging from restaurant walls. NOT MY IDEA OF HAPPY SHOPPING OR DINING.

But I am a big fan of Studio Ghibli and I thought about making dust bunnies or soot sprites for the coming holiday. For those who are not Miyazaki fans, dust bunnies are cute little creatures that live in abandoned houses. They cover everything with soot.

Here is the part of the movie where Mei meets and “catches” a dust bunny in their attic:

The body is just a simple pompom made of black yarn. I used this very helpful tutorial by Bellla Dia. Instead of using two fingers, I used four. I also did not trim the pompom off to make a neat ball because dust bunnies are cute in their scraggly ways.

After hot-gluing the eyes, I got these:

Hurray for easy Halloween crafts!

Yes, I am ashamed to admit that those cobwebs are real. I made sure there were no spiders before taking the photos, of course. And yes, the cobwebs are gone now, thank you very much.