Seeing that I love to sew and that I have a fabric collection that defies any attempt of organization, you would think that the windows of the bedroom/craft area of our little apartment would have curtains. They don’t. It’s not that I don’t want to make curtains. I do, I really do. But the nails that are supposed to support a standard curtain rod are misaligned. And it’s not like I can remedy  this since the window frames are made of concrete. Yep, concrete.

So what I had in mind was fashion a “curtain rod” that can take advantage of the nails’ positions. I thought I’d use these frames (I have two) for some sort of a drape-y effect.

baroque "frame" against my collection of Dean Koontz books. i love Dean. some days, i imagine being married to him.

I ended up making this instead:

I know it’s not anything related to curtains. I can’t really explain when the crafty route changed that I came up with this mobile instead.

I believe it’s a little tribute to my vow to give in more to my wanderlust. You know, just something whimsical; something that will gather dust but still remain pretty. Something to add to our shelves of curiousities.

[I am now a finalist to the Philippine Blog Awards (woohoo!). I have no idea what this entails, though. A friend is telling me that I probably will be attending the awards night in Manila. That seems logical but I have not received any instruction from the organizers. Still, woohoo!]