Remember when you were four and your most treasured possessions were your kitchen set and a ratty rabbit stuffed toy? When you spent your mornings concocting your idea of gourmet meals out of your mother’s plants and your afternoons protesting being sent to bed for a nap. Working from home is a lot like being four. No meetings, no coffee breaks, no dress code. No stressors except things I know I can handle if I just move my ass.

But I am no longer four and I discovered boredom when I was ten or so. Hence, a little getaway was needed to keep me sane. Off we went to Bantayan Island.

Two seconds into the room, we were greeted by two huge spiders. Normally, I would flip and transfer to a hotel farthest from that particular place. But I didn’t because I did not want to start a supposedly-relaxing weekend by getting all worked up over creatures that my four-year old self would have found interesting.


Arachnids and insects aside, the weekend was well-spent. Highlights were carefree beach fun, an incomparable Spanish omelet, an interesting restaurant owner, seeing a white cow up close, swaying to some French jazz music, aimless walks along strange streets, and watching a kid feed the fish at the pier.


Although I get incredibly frazzled and temperamental after returning from a vacation due to feeling that I have  been cheated, I am itching to go on one again soon.

Because on the way back to the city, I vowed to chase after a charmed life. And a charmed life, in my opinion, is a life filled to the brim with wanderlust.