A real estate site visit is an all-around good thing. Even though you will be shown houses that you know you can never afford without selling your soul to the devil, you will still have plenty of great places for shooting cool photos.

This particular afternoon’s site visit may be fruitful (depends on a future visit to the real estate office with our ever-helpful and bored-at-the-province Dad) and that makes me full of hope.

But if things do not fall into place, we still have these nice photos as souvenirs.




Oversized vest – eBay :: Shirt and shorts – ? :: Levi’s Kids belt – eBay :: ballet flats – ? :: AXN Sports wayfarers :: Bag – handmade :: Necklace – mall bazaar at P10


My sister ended up wearing the fedora hat. She wore a white gypsy blouse and cut-off mini skirt.