I met up with a girlfriend at the old university and had fun taking photos. The library custodian remarked, “You lost a lot of weight.”

Weird. It’s been 6 years and he still remembers us. I took advantage, smiled at him nicely and asked if I can take photos. He said yes.


up2[dress – DIY :: necklace – DIY :: wrist thingies – various bazaars]


Okay, on to the freaky part. After a few errands, I went to the supermarket to grab some stuff for dinner. A few seconds in, I heard one lady exclaim “Chase after him! He has a knife! In Jesus’s name!”

I looked at what everyone else was looking at and saw employees of the supermarket running towards the meat section. I started panicking internally. I heard some employees murmur that it was a customer chasing (with a knife!) one of their co-employees.

Slowly, I walked towards the vegetables section. The fact that the people there were completely unaware of the whole thing was just too surreal for me so I decided to do my shopping somewhere else. I walked along the aisles farthest from the commotion but stopped dead on my tracks when I saw blood on the floor.

“This is too CSI for my taste,” I thought.

Entering the second supermarket, I asked the guard if it’s safe. It was but they were out of potatoes. Oh well.