Some dresses are for seduction — revealing legs, arms, or decolletage to entice men to conquer kingdoms or buy an expensive drink. Others are for boosting one’s self-esteem, the sound of the fabric against your skin or the hem playing with the breeze whispering to you that you are the most beautiful woman in the world. Others are for wearing pigtails, waiting for the summer sun to kiss the horizon, chasing the wind as it creates ripples on the tall grass, and laughing like you did when you were five.

This dress is one of the latter.

I wish all dresses are for remembering summer days, not for playing mind games or grasping for imaginary happiness.



But that is not the best thing about this dress. It’s the fact that I can wear it two ways.


Oh wait, I was lying. The best thing about this dress is that it used to be a long skirt, a thrifted one at that.


I’ll post a mini-tute tomorrow.