The backyard will look like this:


Yes, that is a screenshot of my YoVille apartment. If you have a Facebook account and you play their games, you will notice that this is the kitchen area of the apartment unit offered to YoVille citizens. I moved the kitchen into the living room area and transformed this place into a garden. This, of course, can only happen in the virtual world because I have no idea how to grow a plant in real life. Very sad.


Above is the living room/dining area/kitchen. My character, Bella, has got that Lolita-Avril Lavigne thing going on with her pigtails, black Chucks, and black ballerina dress. And yes, the cat’s name is Mr. Prayzident. The boyfriend and I call all cats Mr. Prayzident and all dogs Dodong Bernard. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know.

Yes, yes, I’m addicted to the game. If you have an FB account and you see my character out and about in YoVille, say hi. You can also give me a gift. *Aherm*