I mentioned a post ago that I now have my boyfriend’s drawing tablet. I have been wanting to use this tablet for weeks. In fact, I used to find any excuse to use the boyfriend’s laptop so that I can click/point/drag/right-click using the pen tablet. It annoyed him, I’m sure.

Little did he know that I had grand plans with this tablet. Plans that involved his dream of me drawing again, MY dream of drawing again, and paying tribute to all bloggers (crafty/fashiony/and everything in between) I read and follow.

(DISCLAIMER: I have not drawn anything remotely recognizable in around 5 years. So please be kind.)

Here is my first attempt at illo-link:


Inside A Black Apple is Emily’s blog. It’s full of crafty goodness, cat love,  pastry recipes, and all things artsy. She sells prints of her paintings (among other things) and while I was making this illustration, I was having the following internal conversation:

Me: You’re crazy for doing an illustration link for a blogger who is obviously a gifted painter.

Me (again): Yeah. But that’s the way I roll.

Me (once more): What if she sees your drawing and thinks that you’re mediocre?

Me (no one else): Emily is nice.

Me (the cynical one): What if other people compare your blah drawing to the beautiful ones she has made?

Me (the happy one): That’s the way I roll, I said.

Well, this is the way I roll, apparently. Go check out Emily’s blog. If you’re not already a fan.