First of all, thanks to those who loved my espadrille obsession post. My Sunday was pretty laidback, except for the hormonal weepy episodes (it’s that time of the month and I cannot control my tears).

I had lunch with the boyfriend’s family because it’s his mom’s birthday. Then we had coffee and took these photos before going home. We had dinner again at the boyfriend’s family’s house and went thrift shopping after. The shopping was very successful. I bought a dainty eyelet blouse. I have been looking for one for the longest time, too. I also bought a tube dress with cat prints.



It was a great day if you do not count the weepy moments, like I said. I cried when I couldn’t sew a simple iPhone cozy right. I cried when the boyfriend reminded me that Dumbledore dies in the new Harry Potter movie. I already knew that he would but I still cried. On the freaking sidewalk! Brain chemicals are weird.

Anyway, hope y’all have a great week!

Photos taken in the Ayala Terraces. Polo: Thriftted in Cabon for P35 – Jeans: Metro Ayala, on Sale – Wedges: eBay – Bag: DIY – Aviators: AXN Sports