It may have begun with the brief glances I paid to the paparazzi photos of Eva Longoria last spring, with her short smocked dresses and espadrilles. Perhaps it began with my desire to wear summer dresses all year long. Or maybe even with my unlikely reasoning that wedges got to be more comfortable to wear than heels. But it is highly likely that a combination of those things fired off neurons in my brain and instilled this desire to own a pair of 3-inch yellow espadrille wedges.

After 8 months, I can happily say that my search has ended.




They will be perfect with this “new” dress I’m making, if time permits. I have hacked these two dresses with the hopes of making a maxi dress.


Dress A is a dress I made but never got to wear. Dress B is a dress I bought online some months ago. It looked good on the photos but it never fit right.

Shoes are from eBay.