I’ve always said that the only reasons I’d want to have a child are I’d love to make stuff for a tiny person and that my er, chest  area, will get bigger.


That’s far off in the future even though I’m already 26. Besides, I also always say that I will not have kids unless I have a million in my bank account. I should also add that I will not have kids unless I’ve spent two weeks in Santorini.

So as I collect more reasons not to have kids (seriously, I’m just scared of the pain and the subsequent memory loss due to painkillers), I spend my time  making baby stuff for my friends.

Here is the diaper bag I made for Yvette:


The changing mat is attached to the back of the bag. This was Yvette’s idea and I loved it.




Yuki turned out to be a little too long for the mat but she still fits.


These were taken after the baby sling photo shoot, I think. Yuki has gone on to the dreamworld by the time this set was taken. She could be a model when she grows up; photo shoots don’t faze her.