Since it’s only the boyfriend and me in the new apartment, I always make it a point to repack the fresh meat we buy into single meal containers. This way, we won’t have to thaw all 12 chicken breasts when we will only be cooking 2. Besides, containers are prettier to look at in the freezer than plastic bags from the supermarket.

Initially, I wanted to use the microwaveable containers used for takeout food. The first batch I bought, however, were so badly made that they cracked like potato chips after the first day of use.

Along came eBay and Ikea to the rescue. I browsed the new items of the seller where I got my Ikea utensils and found these:


All 17 pieces of the Pruta foodsaver were only PhP529. Can you imagine? Your PhP529 can get you only 3 Lock’N’Lock containers. These Ikea items may not be as thick but they are airtight and microwaveable, too. They come in different sizes, which make them just perfect for all your kitchen storage needs.

Aside from using them to repack frozen meat, I’ve also used them to store the following:pruta

a. Knox gelatin powder

b. brown sugar

c. 1/4 cup of butter

d. chicken broth cubes

e. flour

f. instant noodles (away from ants)