paperbag-skirtI had my first encounter with thrift shopping when I was 11. I did not buy my first thrifted item at at that age, no. This is how it happened: I remember having a terrible migraine but my parents were not around to take care of me because they had to go to this lady’s place where sacks upon sacks of newly-arrived ukay-ukay (second-hand items from other countries, if you’re not Filipino) were going to be opened. They left me with nothing but a small tub of Vicks Vaporub, which did not help, by the way. While nursing my achy head, I kept wondering just how fabulous these cheap items were. I was not resentful. I wanted to go with them, actually.

More than a decade later, I have become somewhat of a thrift-shopping-lover. I still have problems haggling, though, and I still absolutely abhor the smell of Vicks Vaporub. I am trying to live cheaply because I am saving up for something fabulous. I am living cheaply because let’s face it, cheap is in; cheap is chic.

Along with this long-winded confession is my decision to include my thrift shopping adventures in this blog. They will go under the BORED part of the blog title, I guess. I will include clothes, home essentials, and other thrift finds. Hopefully, they will be a cheap (yet chic)  shopping guide for all fashionistas and domestic divas living in my city.

And to prove that I am a true “recessionista,” I joined Wardrobe Refashion. Hopefully, Nichola will accept my application. I cannot wait to sew dresses again.

[Photo: Thrifted paper bag skirt, Hollister cami, layered black pearls from eBay]