Being a “maker of things,” nothing compares to the thrill of seeing someone wear or use something you have made. I always smile when I see a former officemate use the camera bag she asked me to make as a gift for her girl friend. I also feel proud knowing the my boyfriend has used the three guitar bags I have made for him so well that they are now barely unrecognizable under the dirt. Although, I must add that anxiety is also mixed in. Thoughts like “what if the bag breaks down?” always plague my mind.

A few months ago, a lovely lady emailed me and asked if I can make aprons for the baristas of her cafe. I said yes because a) I’ve always wanted to experiment on aprons, b) she was just so sweet and even mentioned that we went to the same university, and c) her cafe is in my province and it tickles me to think that my little part of the country now has a cafe with Wi-Fi.




I am a little bit sad that I will not be able to see them being used. I shipped them just this afternoon and they will arrive at Coffee Hub this Friday. I hope they will serve the cafe well. May they measure their worth by counting the coffee stains they have wiped. May they relish the sound of a coffee grinder in the middle of a quiet summer afternoon. May they be properly addicted to cookie crumbs and leftover cake icings.

Note: My passport was the only thing I could grab to show you how big the pocket is.