It’s fascinating to observe the dynamics between married couples. Take this guy I know. He and his wife go to the office where I used to work. He never takes a bag with him. Most guys would prefer their hands and shoulders to be free wherever they go, I guess. But this guy’s wallet is long and will never be safely tucked in his back pocket. Its other half beckons pickpockets like a cone of ice cream in a crowded beach. So this guy places his wallet inside his wife’s  bag every day when they go to the office.

And to make up for the extra burden that he places on his wife, he asked me to make a bigger bag for her. Sweet.

But being commissioned by a guy about a bag is not an easy feat. Asking him what particular design or print would make the girl happy garnered only one reply: purple.


Here’s hoping the wife likes it. UPDATE: She loved it!

[Photos below]




PS. Groove-y because I used curdoroy fabric. But groovy works, too. Haha.