When you wake up and all is not right with the world, what do you do? Me, I go out and buy something. And since I have been craving raisin oatmeal cookies for so long, I bought ingredients for the recipe.

I used the recipe here, without the nutmeg.

To say that I followed the recipe to a tee would be a lie. For one, I put more cinnamon than what was called for because a) I love cinnamon, and b) I didn’t have nutmeg. I also didn’t want to bake 3 dozen cookies on my first try because I was 80% certain that it would not be perfect. Who will eat 3 dozen FAIL cookies? So I divided all ingredients in half and aimed for less than 20 cookies.


[Newbie baker question: was dividing the ingredients in half the right thing to do?]

By the time I was ready to bake them, laziness has caught up with me. I pressed the batter onto a baking pan and decided to make raisin oatmeal bars instead.

I didn’t like results. They’re okay, not too flaky and not too chewy. I was hoping, though, that they would be as good as the raisin oatmeal bars at Shakey’s. The fact that I would make a fast food place’s dessert my standard is beyond me. Perhaps it was because of all the modifications I made or because I baked in a  bad mood. The boyfriend, however, loves them. Because he doesn’t like the ones served at Shakey’s and we really ARE each other’s biggest fans. Incidentally, check out his first Emptees design, Morbid Melt.

okay but not good enough

okay but not good enough