I was not joking when I said that I’d make all kinds of stuff using my Fairy Tiptoes fabric. Here we have a wall clock.

Our sewing machine clock gave out a few days ago. I looked around the city for a cute replacement but thankfully, I remembered that I had an old working clock mechanism at home. I got myself  the fabric, an old framed canvas for a small painting (I started painting on it several months ago but I seriously suck), hot glue, some beads, a couple of hooks, and a ribbon and this is the result:

hot glued the fabric to the wooden frame of the canvas

faux pearl beads as hour indicators

hooks and ribbon for hanging

I am glad I did not buy a new clock. After all, these are hard times. We gotta save by reconstructing, reusing, mending, simplifying.

In connection to this, I would like to point you to the wonderful theme going on at Craft. For March Mending Month, Craft has all the information on mending, darning, and repairing many things in the house.  Click on the photo below for more information.