…laptop sleeve made of Fairy Tiptoes fabric!

I knew I had a reason for buying three meters of the fabric. At the time I bought it, I was unabashedly hoarding. The fabric is just too pretty and it was a sin not to stock up. Armageddon might happen and I need pretty fabrics to get me through it.

It turns out that the fabric is perfect for a little laptop sleeve as well. I’ve been wondering what foam to use for a laptop sleeve for so long now. We don’t have batting here because people in my country never use quilts. Using quilts in a tropical country is just plain crazy. Thankfully, my laptop came with a free sleeve cover. It was just a black thing in neoprene foam. It was too boring. So I used the foam as batting and made me a fairy tiptoes laptop sleeve.

lappysleeve1.jpg picture by miwiyam

free black sleeve as interfacing

lappysleeve2.jpg picture by miwiyam

white magic tape for closure

lappysleevefinal2.jpg picture by miwiyam

FRONT. I love those birds.

lappysleevefinal3.jpg picture by miwiyam

BACK. love the bugs and the fairy, too.

snug fit

lappysleevefinal.jpg picture by miwiyam

just perfect

Hmmm what else can I make using this fabric? The possibilities are endless! I might start with a protective gear fit for an Armageddon.