I finally have the perfect shoulder bag. It’s the perfect combination of light and roomy. I usually carry a faux leather bag made by local bag companies but they usually crack and the handles start to fall off after a week or two. And they are friggin’ expensive! I could easily have made 4 of this bag with the price of one faux leather substandard shoulder bag from the malls.

Why did it take me this long to make this bag, anyway? Well, I’ve been very apprehensive about the design. I’ve been thinking about this design for months now. It’s derivative of a small pencil case pattern and a part of it is done using hand stitching. This made me doubtful about the whole bag design. I thought that any bag that involves hand stitching can’t be strong enough to support all my stuff. Furthermore, up until last week, I have not been able to find the perfect fabric for my dream shoulder bag.

Thankfully, I was in the mood to tackle the scraps pile at the fabric store last Monday.  I immediately fell in love with this gray-brown checkered fabric even though it had this disgusting piece of hard gum in the middle. I love the color because it easily masks dirt. For the lining and embellishment, I used Amy Butler.

I started with the outer piece (cut not to include the gum, of course) and decided not to think about the hand stitching bit until I really have to. It turned out that all my worries were baseless. Every part of the bag was machine sewn. I got a bag that’s durable, light, and most importantly, LARGE.

FRONT. I love how the floral/organic pattern of the three square embellishments complement the masculine fabric of the bag.

BACK. A zipped pocket for keys is a must.


SIDE. My bag has a big mouth.

Keyholder with etching that matches the lining.