Uzi and I spent Valentine’s night at the opening of his friend’s exhibit at Turtle’s Nest Book Cafe. His friend (will remain unknown and with no photograph for his own protection) is one of the pioneers of Cebu’s street/guerilla art scene. He worked long and hard to convince his professors that he can transform graffiti into studio art. This is because the Fine Arts program at the University of the Philippines is focused on painting and obviously, this does not jive well with graffiti or guerilla art. But he persisted with his concept and had an awesome final exhibit.

Thankfully, the owner of Turtle’s Nest is also a graffiti artist. He agreed to have the artist transform his gallery into this:

The standard gallery-white walls became a typical urban alley with graffiti, stickers, and tags. The artist’s paintings were incorporated into the whole setting but you’ll have to look carefully to separate them from the supporting graffiti on the gallery walls.

If you’re in Cebu, you can check out the exhibit at Turtle’s Nest Book Cafe until the end of February.