Twelve, apparently.

This is a spin-off of my last post. While I was lining up these sharp toys for a photo shoot, Uzi looked at me and said, “That’s creepy.”

Well, I am a crafter and I need these things. I don’t offer any opinion about his paintbrushes that can rival my cutters/scissors in number, do I?

1. thread scissors

2. fabric scissors but not for very thick materials

3. x-acto knife

4.  fabric scissors for all kinds of fabric

5. cutter

6. board cutter

7.  paper, fabric, felt cutter that works like a tracing wheel

8. paper scissors

9. another paper scissors but sharper

10. mini-cutter for small cutting tasks

11. scissors for cutting zippers

12.  another thread scissors

Okay, I admit, it really is a bit creepy.