Our good friends Jacob and Yvette are expecting their first child next week. They are having a little girl but they are not so thrilled about pink and girly gifts. Well, Uzi and I want to bend the non-girly gift rule a little bit by giving their daughter rocking wee shirts.

Since the soon-to-be parents are big fans of Cebu’s very own Urbandub, we decided to print this:

I think this was the promotional image that came out with the band’s single, A New Tattoo.

Here is the stencil I cut using freezer paper: 

And here was my process:

1) prepared wee shirt for printing

2) ironed stencil onto shirt

3) stenciled shirt using dabbing motions with sponge

4) removed stencil using tweezer and let the print dry

5) added stars to make the shirt cuter


I also stamped BORN UNDER SOUTHERN LIGHTS on another baby shirt. Urbandub’s last album was entitled “Under Southern Lights.” The stamps have a smudgy effect and I guess it helped make the print look more rock-vintage.



 Hope Jacob and Yvette like them.