When I was 12, I decided that I will no longer make New Year’s resolutions at the turning of each year because I realized that January 1 is not the start of MY new year. April 29 (day after my birthday) is.

But spending five hours or so in a bus traveling from one province to another in the Cordilleras can make you reassess your life. The five days I spent gadding about unfamiliar places armed with nothing but silly friends and a language that felt more foreign than English were extraordinary. Even though I was never fully at peace because I was not at home, there was still a feeling of pieces falling into place because I knew that I was doing one of the things I’ve always wanted to do, which is harbor-hopping. Terminal-hopping is a more appropriate term but alliteration is more fun.

I am not certain how it works but being pulled out of one’s nest makes a little bit of wisdom come by.

1) It is best to be in a state of constant amazement because it makes learning and trying new things twice as fun.

DSC-0847.jpg picture by miwiyam


2) Beauty is not always found in symmetry and order.  

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3) It is very easy to let your fears take over but it’s just as easy to chase them away. After all, your mind can easily erase what it can conjure.

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4) It is possible to stop worrying about money. When you do, you will realize that you are only interested in buying things that matter to you anyway, and not everything you see in the display window.

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5) It can get a little too cold at the top of the world…

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6) …So you should keep your friends and loved ones close.

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*Photos 3 – 7 show items I bought during the trip.

The Santa Clause teapot Uzi bought for me.