Every free moment I’ve had for the last several days has been spent making pouches. It is true that these are fairly easy to make, so you can very well gauge just how much free time I have.

It bothers me to think that I’ve been unaware of just how much time I’ve been losing. I guess reading the Twilight series (yes, yes, I succumbed to the trend and read the series) has made me aware of how “time” can be defined in different ways. And because I’m having a neurotic moment, I will write down how I spend every waking hour of my day:

7-ish – Wake up. Have bread and lots of water. Fifteen minutes of yoga.

7:45 – Take and upload pictures of things I’ve sewn. OR cut some fabrics to sew.

8:05 – Shower. Get ready for work.

9:00 – Leave for work. Work until 6:00.

6:00 – Buy or prepare dinner.

6:30 – Dinner. Watch a bit of TV.

7:45 – Read. Spend time with Uzi.

9:00 – Sew

11:00 – Sleep or go out for midnight snacks.

HUH. My life is incredibly boring, I realized.

Well, here are the pouches I’ve been sewing for Alphae and her little sister. They will be giving these to their friends this Christmas. They’re the sweetest girls.

p.jpg picture by miwiyam

p2-1.jpg picture by miwiyam

p3-1.jpg picture by miwiyam