I am now a CSS expert!

I kid, I kid. But with the amount of Multiply CSS overhaul I’ve done these past few nights, it does feel like I now know everything there is to know about pimping websites. Or I’m starting to get sick of it that I might puke font codes and #subnav crap any minute now.

The grand plan was to have these Multiply site editors customize my site just in time for the shop update. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard a word from them since last month. I have been sending them emails and personal messages but I’ve gotten no replies. I assume that they are just terribly busy and that my downpayment has not been wasted. I’m certain they will pull through and pimp my site in due time.

So I had to edit my site myself. All is well that ends well.

The fuzzy header is a sample of what I did with my Multiply shop. I will fix that (the header) tonight with photoshop.

Clickity-click: THE SHOP.