I saw myself on TV and, my golly, I looked hideous. But I am really grateful for these recent media exposures, despite them being undeniably cringe-worthy on my part. If I were to be proactive about it, I’ll just hire a full-time makeup artist.

A funny thing happened at the bank this afternoon. During my lunch break, I was told that one of the tellers needed to see me. I assumed that it had something to do with the merger happening between the bank and this other bigger bank. I thought the teller would explain how this will affect my accounts. But when I got to the bank at around three in the afternoon, all she asked me was whether I have some bags with me for sale. Apparently, they saw my TV appearance.

Moving on.

Uzi finally finished the thimblecap painting. I love it. I love Emma, the thimblecap girl. She looks like she’s off to make trouble somewhere. Or, make bags.

emmapainting.jpg picture by miwiyam

For a bigger photo, click HERE.


Remember when I dreamed about collecting teapots? Well, I’ve been accumulating them slowly. I got this quirky die teapot for PhP85 last Saturday:

dice2.jpg picture by miwiyam

dice1.jpg picture by miwiyam

All I want for Christmas is a santa-shaped teapot.