A YM conversation with one of my officemates:

Me: Do you know this local show MagTV?

Officemate: Yes! They show it every Sunday. I always watch it. It’s a very good show.

Me: Huh. Every Sunday? What channel?

Officemate: 10. Why are you asking these things about MagTV?

Me: Uh, nothing.

Officemate: They’re going to feature you! I’m right, aren’t I? Tell me when and I will definitely watch you. Just make sure that you greet me on air, okay? Okay?


That is how I learned of the local show by ABS-CBN. A fellow online seller (and crafter), Faith sent me an SMS that she recommended my online business to the show. I had no idea what the show was about since we rarely watch local channels. After the silly YM conversation, I googled them and found their Multiply site. I asked the same officemate more questions. By the time the crew and host got to my place yesterday for our interview, all I knew was that the show has this business segment.

I guess I should start watching their show. I’m okay with that since, as my officemate said, it’s actually fun. But I will not start this Sunday. I don’t want to watch myself. I’ll just sleep in.