Want to know something strange? I’ve never gone on a picnic. I’ve been in many parks to sit on the grass, yes. But I’ve never done it with a blanket, a bag full of snacks and drinks, and a book or two. I guess the humid Philippine weather is one reason I’ve never gone on a real picnic. Another is that the only parks I know in the city have more hard soil areas than grass.

Thankfully, we have IT Park. This place is just five minutes away from our apartment. Uzi and I love wasting our afternoons at the Bo’s Coffee Club branch in the area. Last Sunday, we craved for fresh air. We could have just stayed at the outdoor area of the cafe but that’s where customers who are smokers get their nicotine fix.

“Isn’t it sad that we have to sit inside to get fresh air?” Uzi remarked.

So we decided to join the families having their weekend picnics in the middle of IT Park. We packed sandwiches, root beer, water, and raisins and walked from the apartment. We got there at half past four and the sun was just perfect for taking pictures, reading, and staring at the sky. The moon and her little star friends where already high up in the sky when we left.

If you’re from Cebu, I suggest you try this one of these days. We plan to do it again once they hang Christmas lights from the trees all over IT Park.

DSC_5477copy.jpg picture by miwiyam

uzi LOVES cheese. and kurt vonnegut

DSC_5469copy.jpg picture by miwiyam

it was amusing to watch toddlers run around, in tears, mirth, or careless abandon

DSC_5536copy.jpg picture by miwiyam

view from our blanket. we like plaid footwear

And here are some bags I’ve made over the last couple of weeks. I’ve made more but I won’t be revealing them until the next major shop update.
frenchblocks.jpg picture by miwiyam
carssling.jpg picture by miwiyam
paw.jpg picture by miwiyam