No matter what your plight is, you can choose your attitude towards it. Your will to live is stronger than any force in the universe. Keep calm and carry on.

I don’t want to explain why I wanted to do this project. I blogged about a drastic change in my life a month or so ago and I no longer want to mention it here ever again. I’m dealing with it without whining about it.

Because, really, all of us are equipped to handle whatever life throws our way. We should just deal with them AND find enough time to watch the silvery rain trail down a glass window or lazily follow the direction of the water inside your cup as you stir your morning coffee or smile at a random stranger or get lost in the aroma of vanilla and chocolate wafting from your neighbor’s kitchen.

I made this to remind myself that things are fine, and if they’re not, they will be.

The original posters were issued by the government of England to its people during World War II. More than half a century later, the poster is gaining international fame as people try to deal with all sorts of stressors in this modern age. Yes, I could have bought a reprint of the poster online but I already made a serious dent on my Paypal account when I bought silver charms from etsy.

The original plan was to use pink aida fabric and white thread. Unfortunately, there are no pink aida fabrics in stores. So I opted for black with pink thread. I calculated the middle part of the poster and worked from there. If you look closely, my A’s are strange. I had to “restrain” it since the whole thing would have looked ugly with really wide A’s. Keeping the letters with diagonal parts narrow was a challenge because of the fabric’s even squares.

keepcalmandcarryon.jpg picture by miwiyam


My crown also looks different from the original. Mine is larger and taller. Sewing the curved parts was also a challenge. In fact, if you compare the original to mine, you’d see that mine was mostly improvised. Thank heavens it turned out symmetrical in the end.

When I finished the needlework, I set out to the malls to find pink frame. It was a futile mission. I bought a brown frame and pink poster color. The latter does not work on plastic. Thankfully, I have acrylic paint in primary colors, white, and green. Three layers of pink paint later and I got me a perfect pink frame.

keepcalmandcarryon2.jpg picture by miwiyam