Uzi got me a new portrait lens and we have been having too much fun playing with it.

sleepyty.jpg picture by miwiyam

"yawn" by uzi

lenscap.jpg picture by miwiyam

this is not a paid endorsement

draw.jpg picture by miwiyam

pic resized to spare you some pore details. eek.


And this is what’s been keeping me occupied during breaks for the past two weeks:
keepcalmandcarryon.jpg picture by miwiyam

I finished it last night and I bought a frame for it just this afternoon. It’s ready for hanging but I think I will take photos of it first. The frame that I bought was dark brown since finding a pink frame is next to impossible. I simply painted it using what acrylic I have left. To say that my painting job is horrible is an understatement. I should have opted for spray.

But I won’t be too fussy about it. I’m keeping calm and carrying on.