The lovely Victoria asked me what the fabric flowers were for and here are my answers. I made them as removable accessories for the sashes that Kaith asked me to make. The sashes help sassy up a simple-looking dress. (An almost-alliteration! Words are fun).

Anyway, here they are. They are made of taffeta — a fabric (and word) I absolutely love.

redfront1.jpg picture by miwiyam

withflowerbrown.jpg picture by miwiyam

ribbonback.jpg picture by miwiyam


I’m thinking of making several for the store. They will be perfect for the coming holiday season, with the numerous parties some people have to attend. A girl can just buy a little plain dress and use the kaith sash to make her outfit fabulous. That’s what I’d do if I become too lazy to sew my own holiday party dresses.