I used to hate having pictures of myself taken because, well, it’s never a good idea to have a damning evidence of how I look like at any particular time. I learned the hard way that my only armor is an open and sincere smile (not a pout, a sexy squint, a serious, or a funny face). But I’ve become less uptight. I have decided that it’s better to act silly, even when documented by something that stops time. After all, stopping time matters less than feeling alive and grateful for every second that passes.

Thankfully, due to some inexplicable twist of fate, my hands can produce something worth stopping time for. Take these handmade fabric flowers, for example. I really didn’t care for them largely because I am not a big fan of flowers, or plants in general. I admit that they were fun to make but I wasn’t really impressed with the results. However, they photographed really well. I had to stop myself from making another site banner out of the red flower photo. I’ve also been thinking about putting fresh flowers in my room. It took an open window, a burst of mild sunlight, and a dependable camera to make me see things differently.

redflower.jpg picture by miwiyam

brownflower.jpg picture by miwiyam


Checking my network of favorite craft blogs led me to a Flower Power Challenge on CraftStylish. Unfortunately, the contest is open only for US and Canada residents. There is another contest that’s open for everyone and even though my help is not needed to spread the word, I’d still post the link. It’s a contest over at Martha Stewart’s blog and the winners get a “mention” on her blog. That is one cool prize.