The owner of Brussel Sprouts contacted me last week because she needed felt appliques for her daughter’s party loot bags. I was hesitant to accept the order at first because she gave me only five days to make them. After a few more SMS messages, she gave me two extra days to finish the appliques. Little did I know that I will finish them in 5 hours. I’m strange that way. I don’t get me sometimes.

They are goshdarn cute, if I do say so myself.

all.jpg picture by miwiyam

cupcakes for girls and sailboats for boys

cupcake.jpg picture by miwiyam

"who's the cute witow cuppycake?"

boat.jpg picture by miwiyam

a perfect day for sailing


I made a printable pattern for the cupcakes and a sorta-tutorial for making them. I will post them this weekend when I get the Nikon and the laptop back from Uzi. He’s been using them for his art stuff. Not only is he a full-time art student, he is also actively involved in the local art community. I’m so proud.