I spent last Saturday and Sunday rearranging my room. On Saturday, I moved tables and shelves. I also did some repainting. As you can see in the BEFORE picture, I stuck many jigsaw pieces on one of my walls. Tape residue was a bitch to remove so I just scraped them and turned to a can of gloss latex for extra help.

The whole Sunday, however, was spent thinking about the pros and cons and alternate options to the photo clothesline idea (see last post). By the time the sun set on Sunday, I still haven’t made a final decision. But when I heard my stomach grumbling, I freezed my vacillating brain and finally asked our apartment groundskeeper/car cleaner/maintenance guy to plant two nails on the newly-painted wall.

(NOTE: The before photos are the ones Uzi took of my most recent interview with GMA. The interview was for the same morning show I appeared on about a month ago. The lovely reporter asked me why it’s best to give handmade gifts this coming holiday season.)

oldroom2.jpg picture by miwiyam


oldroom1.jpg picture by miwiyam



And this is my room-slash-studio now:

newroom1.jpg picture by miwiyam

AFTER. It still looks cluttered. Oh, what I would give to have a separate studio and bedroom.

-framedwall.jpg picture by miwiyam

I'm really proud of these black frames. My favorite is the wooden puzzle piece with a picture of Chibi-Totoro.

-clockteapot.jpg picture by miwiyam

CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT. A peek of Chū-Totoro. Finished bags. Hanging vignette with some pieces of my ceramic collection and the mini craft room. Ribbons and straps. Lane, the dress form. Big christmas cookie container with fiberfill.

newroom2.jpg picture by miwiyam

Opposite wall with the ribbon photo clothesline.

-clothesline1.jpg picture by miwiyam

Close up and a better, daytime picture. We still haven't printed Uzi's photographs to hang here.

-clothesline3.jpg picture by miwiyam

A postcard from Jhoanna and a print of a Norman Rockwell painting. I love them. I got the wooden clips from Premium Concepts.

Special thanks to Tianyi Wang for her tips on the photo clothesline idea. Please visit http://tiselle.com for many wonderful stationery.

Also, thanks to Jhoanna for the very cute postcard. Jhoanna is the lady behind http://oneredrobin.com/. She’s a Filipina living in Australia with her adorable family. She makes lovely art and award-winning softies. If shipping to the Philippines weren’t so goshdarn expensive, I’d have already bought one of her peg bears a long time ago.