If the world were smaller, would our trials and tribulations matter less? While you mull over that silly question, let me present to you what’s been keeping me busy for the past several nights: a mini craft room!

Let me give you a tour.

Room. I used a cardboard gift box from Country Crafts.

Wallpaper and floor. They are scrapbook papers. 

whole.jpg picture by miwiyam

perfect 9" x 6" x 3.5" world. this is where i hide when life becomes too much to handle.

scale.jpg picture by miwiyam

there may be veiny giant monsters every now and then, but my pet rabbit protects me


Fabric shelf. Painted popsible sticks.

Sewing Chair. I glued together three wooden beads to make this chair and painted it red. The base was a conical bead while the seat and the back are flat beads.

Hanger. It’s just a paper clip I twisted.

Shirt hanging from hanger. This is a surprise from Uzi. I came home one lunchtime to find this shirt with its really sweet message. He was a little embarrassed with his sewing job but I don’t care. I love it when he attempts to sew something for me in the same way he loves the little mediocre doodles I make for him occasionally.

side2.jpg picture by miwiyam

sewing is not a chore but it gets a lot better if you have pretty (and sweet) things to look at

Lamp. It’s just a mini glass jar with some beads hanging from the bottom.

Picture frames. I used more flat, oval wooden baubles that I’ve had since college. I hotglued some sewing charms to fit the theme.

Inspiration board. Thankfully, I still had some thin corkboard sheets left. I also used my old stash of tiny stickers for the mini notes.  

ceiling.jpg picture by miwiyam

must craft under good light

machine.jpg picture by miwiyam

things that inspire me should always be at arm's reach


Couch. The seat is made of popsicle sticks covered with foam and fabric. The back is also made of popsicle sticks.

Little pillows. They are handsewn teeny square fabric scraps with fiberfill. I hotglued them shut.

Bookshelf and books. I used a thumb tacks box and popsicle stick for the divider. The books are just strips of paper that I folded several times and hotglued together. 

And that tiny white thing on the rug is a pet. I couldn’t find a bead shaped like a cat so I used a rabbit instead. I wouldn’t mind having a rabbit.

couchshelf.jpg picture by miwiyam

when i can't sew, i read

side1.jpg picture by miwiyam

the sound of the sewing machine might be soothing but it is also good to drown in silence once in a while


I’m very proud of my mini craft room. Now if only I can come up with a clear-cut plan so that I can have a real life version of this room in five years or less.