I finally received the postcard that the wonderful Jenn (http://nyxcreations.wordpress.com) sent me. When my boyfriend saw this, he asked me, with the biggest grin, if I drew it. I told him that it was drawn by this kickass artist I know from Australia. He was impressed by the whimsical illustration but a little bit sad that I’ve been too lazy to draw again. As a result, I displayed this postcard somewhere I will see every day so that I’d be inspired to draw more.

And now you will have to check Jenn’s blog because there are many wonderful things to see there. I love her new illustrations, The Night People.

DSC_1393.jpg picture by miwiyam


Another package that came my way last week contained two rolls of freezer paper (THANKS MET!). FINALLY! I cannot wait to stencil shirts, bags, underwear, curtains, table runners, scarves, etc. etc. etc. The search for freezer paper has left me with some minor psychological issues. I looked for freezer paper for so long that I now have this strange propensity to check if they are available whenever I go to supermarkets. I do it even though I have these two rolls now. It’s scary.

DSC_1388.jpg picture by miwiyam


I also received books that I mooched from people on Bookmooch. If you’re still not a member, you must sign up this instant. Here is how bookmooch works: you list books that you want to give away and wait for people to “mooch” (get) them. Then you ship them to that person (locally or internationally) using your own money. You will earn bookmooch points for every book that you list and ship. These points will determine the number of books that you will be able to mooch in return. If you see a book that you want, you mooch it from another bookmooch user and wait for him or her to ship you the said book for free. It’s basically a place to barter books.

I was surprised that someone listed a brand new and hardbound “Skylight Confessions” to give away. I mooched it with no hesitation. The previous owner said that the book was taking too much space in her home and she plans on getting the paperback edition anyway. Isn’t that amazing? Booklovers and crafters are two of the most generous kinds of people I know.

DSC_1395.jpg picture by miwiyam


UPDATE: Here is my bookmooch profile: http://bookmooch.com/m/bio/boredandcrafty. Add me up and let’s trade!