Every day, I type “sewing” on our local eBay’s search page, hoping to score some items related to sewing. Often, I I just try to check if there are listings on machines that I can afford. However, there are times when I come across some sewing collectibles that prove to be too hard to resist. There was once an alarm clock with a sewing machine design but I thought that it was too expensive. There was also a very cute ceramic chest with sides painted with items related to sewing. One side was painted with a pin cushion, another had a rolled tape measure, while another had a print of a sewing machine. I bid on it but I lost to another sewing enthusiast.

But I scored big last Thursday when I saw a listing of this miniature sewing machine. I clicked “Buy It Now” with no hesitation.

minimachine.jpg picture by miwiyam

the details of the machine are fantastic

minimachine2.jpg picture by miwiyam

with bobbin for size reference

I immediately used the machine to sew new curtains. Just kidding. Wouldn’t it be cool, though? The machine’s size is perfect for Cinderella’s crafty mice assistants. They’re always welcome to use it.
DSC_1386.jpg picture by miwiyam